Dear Kurt,

Thank you so much for helping my family and me with the sale of the house that my husband and I had lived in for 42 years and where we had raised our family. Over the last few years, my husband’s declining health made it more difficult to keep up with the maintenance. When he went into assisted care about a year ago with dementia, I really could not keep up with the house at all. Admittedly, the house had been falling into a state of disrepair and was continuing to do so. Additionally, the significant foundation issues the house had made it especially scary to me and for anyone considering buying it. Our neighbor’s houses had similar foundation issues and their repairs were in the tens of thousands of dollars. Kurt, I appreciate your engineering skills and your team for putting together a very fair offer on my house and it being sold in “as-is” condition. You provided me supporting data for what other homes like mine had sold for in “as-is” condition. I am very grateful you bought our home with all of its issues and work that needed to be done. I really appreciate living now in my modest one bedroom apartment. Again, thank you so much.      Mary Ann, Ellisville, MO

We really appreciate you buying that dilapidated house from us. It was so much easier not to fix it, but to simply sell it! Since we live out of town and needed to move my dad near us, we had so many other things to deal with. Your paying cash took so much of the unknown out of the process since we didn’t have to worry about banks and loans. Thank you for making it simple and fuss-free for us.”      Barb and Dave

“I really don’t take time to write letters too often, but in this case, I feel compelled. We learned a lesson and should share it with others. After my father passed away and my wife and I were in charge of his estate, we thought we could fix up his old house that was in dire need. We “thought” we could sell it for more and make more money if we ”fixed it up.” By the time we factored in all our costs and then figured what you would have paid for the house with no improvements, we made less money to the tune of around $12,000 on a $200,000 house. Expensive and time-consuming lesson! We would have been much better off selling to YOU with no repairs and updates. You were very fair up front.”

Loren and Clarice

“Thanks for buying that disgusting house so we didn’t have to mess with it! It was a shame that our aunt didn’t take better care of it. We appreciate you letting us take what we wanted to keep and leaving the rest of the junk for you to remove! If we ever have another situation like this, we’ll be sure to call you!” Joy, Executor of the Estate

“We so didn’t want to get started with all those inspections, then to follow-up with repairs and expenses for those...Ugh! Just didn’t have the time to do it…interviewing contractors, hiring contractors. We are so glad we were referred to you and want to tell people who need to sell a house they don’t want to contact you for a quick, professional, easy on the wallet, hassle-free experience! Thanks for coming to the rescue!” 

Burt C., Missouri

"Kurt - When I found out that you bought the house I previously lived in, I got tears of joy in my eyes! I loved that house. I learned the previous owners rented out the place and it was torn up badly, leaving it in horrible, rough shape. I am so glad that you were able to buy the house and will bring life back to what was once a very, very nice home! The previous owner and I are still in contact, and she had so many good things to say about you and how you handled the transfer of the home." Theresa

“Your firm made the whole process of selling this home so easy. Your experience in this area of the business was obvious. The fact you paid cash for the home made things so much simpler since we didn’t have to worry about appraisals, underwriters, and banks! You bought the house with no inspections, as-is, and took it off my clients’ hands quickly. Compared to some of the other nightmare transactions I’ve had, this was such a breeze! Thanks so much!”

Susie, Real Estate Agent

“I want to thank you for buying my house. It makes me feel better to know that you plan on renovating it. I was not in a position to mess with all of the inspections, let alone the termites, leaky roof, foundation problems, drywall damage, and electrical issues! You were straight forward, coordinated the closing with the title company, kept me up to date, closed, and gave us the money on time and as agreed to. God Bless.” Gladys

“My family and I had heard good things about what you do and how you operate, but we decided to let someone else buy our mom’s house which needed a LOT of work. What a disaster and what deception. They couldn’t close on time, didn’t have the money as they promised, and drug the whole thing out for months—all while we had to continue paying costs every month for the home. We finally cancelled the contract with them and called you back. You closed on time, fast, with no problems. Lesson learned by us!!!” Scott

"We knew it was time to move from our home, but we also realized we had made very few updates and improvements in our house during the time we owned it. We had heard from several real estate agents and friends that our home would need considerable updating and work in order for it to sell close to what others were selling for in the neighborhood. We simply lived in our house and never really thought about updating it while we lived here. We are so glad we were referred to you, since you treated us fairly, bought the home without us having to make any improvements, do any inspections, or spend money. Thanks for taking it off our hands and making our life easy with a cash transaction!"

Gerald and Lizzy, St. Louis County