Does your home need work or obvious repairs?

Did you think about updating but just never got around to it?

Do you need to sell and just move on?


Selzle & Associates will buy your home

AND make it simple for YOU!!!

NO repairs or cleaning before selling!

NO inspections before selling!

NO financing contingency; a cash sale.

NO agents and buyers walking through your home for months and months while trying to sell!

Confidential and quick closing.

Probate and estates settled with or without contents of the home.

Quite simply, we will buy your home, coordinate all contractors, absorb all risks, and pay costs of holding the home until it eventually sells. These costs can be significant in an older home that has not been updated. Some of these costs include:

Principal and Interest Payments, Taxes, Insurance, Neighborhood Association Fees, Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Yard Maintenance, Cleaning, Renovation Costs from Contractors, New Appliances, Real Estate Commissions when the house sells, Inspections when the house sells, Closing Cost Credits when the house sells, Title Costs, and the list goes on...

We have helped many individuals in situations such as estate settlement, death, disability, inheritance, aging, and other life circumstances. We will be glad to help you simplify your life, too!